Time with Carolyn Steedman

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In this episode of Time with a Creative Mind, Richard E. Miller interviews author Carolyn Steedman, Fellow of the British Academy and Professor of History at the University of Warwick. Professor Steedman, who has devoted her scholarly career to writing compelling accounts of the working class lives across the centuries, discusses her own life in the archives and the “bloody-minded ornery enjoyment” she takes in writing within the constraints of the discipline of history.

Professor Steedman also discusses her first book, The Tidy House, which provides an extended meditation on a short story composed by a three young working classs schoolchildren.

Selected Publications

  • The Tidy House: Little Girls Writing, Virago, 1982
  • Landscape for a Good Woman, Virago, 1986
  • The Radical Soldier’s Tale: John Pearman, 1819-1908, Routledge, 1988
  • Dust. The Archive and Cultural History, Rutgers University Press, 2001 (Published in England by Manchester University Press)
  • Labours Lost. Domestic Service and the Making of Modern England, Cambridge University Press, 2009